About The Registry

What is the HealthCare Registries

The HealthCare Registries is an organized system for the collection, storage, retrieval, analysis and dissemination of information on individual patients treated by practices reporting into it.

Like registries in other fields, the HealthCare Registries can be used to track patient trends and trends in ocular diseases as well as the use of specific management approaches to treat ocular diseases and other conditions.

The data is vital in demonstrating the value ECPs can bring to a coordinated care team in the delivery of eye care to patients

  • The Registry is designed to provide outcome analysis using business intelligence (BI).
  • The Registry is designed to analyze hundreds of key performance indicators that identify best practices and assess clinical outcomes; the data can be used to perform a financial review aimed at identifying the least expensive procedures for achieving optimal patient outcomes.
  • The Registry offers analytical capability for eye care providers, and other medical entities, including payers interested in health analytics, researchers interested in the clinical outcomes of specific products and services and public health agencies interested in epidemiological data.
  • The Registry is a radically new approach to outcome analysis that takes advantage of the new EHR.

Common Uses of Registries

Historically, registeries have been used to:

  • estimate the magnitude of a problem (such as the extent of blindness within a specific population);
  • determine the incidence of disease in a specific population;
  • examine disease trends over time (by documenting the natural course of a disease and studying the effect of various treatments);
  • assess service delivery and identify groups at high risk;
  • document the types of patient served by a health provider (such as the percentage and number of diabetic patients);
  • conduct research (by analyzing the safety and efficacy of a drug, device or procedure in specific population);
  • track and enroll organ and blood donors;
  • and enroll patients in clinical trials.