The Future of Vision is Connected Care

Streamline your practice and elevate patient care with Healthcare Registries. We bring the power of integrated clinical data and collaborative healthcare, already revolutionizing medicine, directly to your practice.

Enhanced Decision-Making for Improved Patient Care and Clinical Outcomes

Technology driving data analytics is bringing exciting changes to the healthcare system in the United States. The beauty of this transformation is that simply changing two things will dramatically improve patient care and simplify care delivery: Unlocking Information and Empowering Patients. This new approach to care enhances the patient experience and is more rewarding and satisfying for providers.

Healthcare Registries is at the forefront of these exciting changes. Our easy-to-understand analytics empower clinical decision-making to ensure each patient receives the most effective, coordinated care, and the best possible clinical outcomes.

The Keys to Transforming Care

Health Analytics

Health Analytics transforms data into actionable intelligence, empowering healthcare providers to make informed decisions, enhance patient care, and streamline operations.

Outcome Monitoring

Outcome Monitoring: A vital tool for tracking patient progress and treatment efficacy, ensuring continual improvement in healthcare quality and patient satisfaction.

Engagement Tools

Enhance patient-provider interactions with dynamic resources designed to foster communication, education, and sustained patient involvement in their healthcare journey

We Make the Transformation Simple and Effective

Healthcare Registries takes the mystery out of transforming your practice with clinical data, bringing together all the tools needed to deliver this new paradigm in eye care – driven by enthusiastic providers caring for patients who better understand their care and feel part of a connected, coordinated care team. Our platform helps you easily accomplish this by concentrating on two areas:

Unlocking Information

Our platform is the key to unlocking information that has historically been trapped in either paper records or electronic health records.

There is vital information in providers’ EHRs that, when unlocked, allows us to create valuable analytics that both the provider and patient can use to guide the best clinical decision-making.

When this information is shared with the patient and the entire care team, healthcare is empowered, creating an environment where everyone involved in the patient’s care sees the whole picture and understands their contributions to the patient’s coordinated care.

Healthcare Registries combines all the tools necessary to empower this coordinated care environment: easily understood analytics and sharable patient health information.

Empowering Patients

Our approach recognizes patients as the most important member of the care team and engages them in their care.

Empowering patients and engaging them in their care are the keys to transformational change, resulting in a whole new level of care. In managing chronic conditions, the patient is recognized as the most critical care team member.

It is the decisions that the patient makes on a day-to-day basis that drives the outcomes. The provider’s role changes from “Telling the patient” what they think the patient needs to know to empowering the patient to make good daily decisions in a way that addresses the unique challenges each patient faces.

Healthcare Registries’ analytics drive this whole process, enabling providers and patients to receive valuable feedback on how effective the treatment plan is.

Ensuring Trust and Security in Every Aspect of Our Data Handling

Trust in Data

We prioritize building trust through transparency and reliability in our data processes.

Accuracy of Data

Rigorous validation ensures the highest accuracy of data, providing dependable insights for healthcare decisions.


Your data's confidentiality is paramount. We adhere to strict protocols to protect sensitive information.


Advanced security measures, including HIPAA compliance, are at the core of our operations.

Data De-identification

To safeguard privacy, we employ robust de-identification techniques, ensuring patient anonymity.

Data Storage

Utilizing Microsoft Azure for data storage, we guarantee secure, scalable, and compliant data management.

Direct Secure Messaging the Preferred Way of Communicating

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